Learning Eco System (Klaspad)


In today's world where information is available at fingertips the education is becoming more collaborative than instructive. 'Collaboration' is the driving force behind the development of Klaspad which uses the latest technology to provide a highly interactive system that has inbuilt ERP, HRM, CRM, SIS and LSM, all working as one synchronised unit.

Klaspad is collaborative in every possible way. Users are able to create collaborative documents and share collaborative whiteboard to get feedback, provide comments, mark things up and view the updates in real-time. Besides, the system encourages collaboration between learning providers by offering a knowledge base as well as a common/ interlinked marketing tool that has an unparalleled synergy.

All this is cloud based and works across different platforms thus forming a complete learning ecosystem.

This system developed by us is now sold to Klaspad PLC and all new enquiries should go to klaspad.com

We wlll continue to support old customers from ITSPL


SIS (Student Information System)


Online application form that can be linked to college website to directly import the data to the system (no need to feed the information again)
The application form will have the facility of uploading the picture and other required documents beside all other relevant fields


While recruiting students an Assessment Form for the appraisal of student's ability and intention to study
Alerts for NO SHOW and DEFERRALS as well as alerts for absences, attendance percentage, visa & passport expiry and audit– these are automatically generated.
Complete monitoring of students' educational progress including suspension periods and change of course.
Complete monitoring of students' attendance – consecutive as well percentage. Agent monitoring

HRS (Human Resources System)


Clearly defined, flexible access levels for staff
Attendance monitoring
ID Cards generation

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Enquiries follow up
Agent management
Social media marketing and management

LMS (Learning Management System)


The system has the facility of uploading policies, procedures, guidelines etc. and these are available for view and download to the concerned users
The system provides the platform for teachers to put the lesson plans, and to have detailed interactive communication with students besides measuring and monitoring their progress
There is possibility of creating forums, blogs and discussions
In case the college wants to connect it to an electronic library this can be done but the college will have to get its own provider


Complete E Learning platform


Clearly defined, flexible access levels for students
Real Time Information and report generation for Management
Direct data/CAS request applications upload to UKBA sms
Reminder for payment delays and new agreements with the students
SMS integration to facilitate sending text messages to students
Bulk e mailing to students and staff
Notice Board and event planning
ID Card generation

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