Cloud based POS solution


Restaurant industry has undergone a dramatic change in the past few years. The market has become increasingly competitive and complex and restaurants have to keep the costs low, achieve greater client advocacy, loyalty and retention in order to have better financial outcomes.

At ITSPL we pride ourselves in providing a user-friendly and innovative business solution where our clients can measure features and functionality versus price. Much more than just a replacement for a cash register or till it is an effective tool to optimise restaurant or bar management.


  • Covers all service styles – Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Pay & Eat, Bistro and more
  • Full menu implementation with order prompts for sides, cooking info and item choices
  • Fast, efficient & accurateorder entry
  • Automatic order filtering ensures items are sent direct to the required preparation areas
  • Dynamic table area plans on screen showing at-a-glance coloured tables status
  • Split bill, combine or transfer tables to bar-tabs, room or client accounts
  • Real-time tracking of all transactions, orders, reports, inventory & staff labour
  • Retain customer loyalty by promotional emailing
  • Extras- website, mobile app

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